Sekidenji Temple

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Sekidenji (石田寺) Temple is one of the Shingon Buddhism temple located in Hino. This temple was started in 1361 when people suffering heavy snow. It is also Hino 7 lucky god "福禄寿, Fukurokuju" is enshrined in this temple. Also, the tomb of Toshizo Hijikata (土方歳三) who is the vice commander of Shinsengumi is placed in this temple. The Kaya Tree in the temple is over 400 years.

Visitors Info.
No parking. You can visit only the temple and Tomb of Toshizo Hijikata.
Do not take anything with you in the temple, and refrain from talking.
You can buy a stick of incense at the temple.

0. at Tachikawa Minami Station
1. use Mama monorail to manganji (8 min.)
2. walk south (5 min.)

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Sekidenji Temple

Sekidenji temple is Shingon Buddhism temple in Hino, Tokyo. It is 86th temple of Tama Shikoku 88 temples and shrines, and it is also enshrined "Fukurokuju" of Hino Seven Lucky Gods.

It was originally started in 1361. In the 1377, the original temple was abolished. However, in 1544, because the Asa river and Tama river flood a lot, people enshrined 11 face buddha and rebuild the temple. The name Sekidenji was named in 1593. There are many historical monument which well preserved from 1322.

11 face buddha
Good luck for baby care, competition and examination. In the October 17, there is festival for baby care and heath wish.

Good luck for wealth and happiness.

There is also the tomb of Toshizo Hijikata. Many fans of Shinsengumi and Hijikata visit his tomb to pray for his life.
When you visit this temple and around this temple, especially Asa river and Tama river, you can imagine how Toshizo Hijikata was spend his time when he was young. This place still preserved those landscape and scenery for 100 years.