Ryukoji Temple

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Ryukoji Temple (龍口寺) is Nichiren Buddhist temple located in Fujisawa. It was built in 1337 by Priest Nippo. The location was originally used for the execution. In 1271, Priest Nichiren was just about to executed here, but he was survived. Later, Nippo the students of Nichiren, found out that this is the sacred spot because Nichiren survived from the disaster.

Visitors Info.
There is no parking.

0. at Kamakura Station
1. use Enoshima Line to Enoshima (20 min.)
2. walk east (4 min.)

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Ryukoji Temple

Ryukoji stands on the site of the former Tatsukuchi Execution Grounds, and its names uses the same two kanji. It was here that Nichiren was to have been executed in 1271. Nichiren was the only man who survived from the execution at this ground. After this event, Nichiren was banished to Sado Island for three years. Nichiren wrote many books and scrolls with the experience of Tatskuchi.

In 1337, Nichiren's student, Priest Nippo, established Temple here in Tatsunokuchi.

Major buildings at the temple include the Hondo, a five-story pagoda, a stupa, and the Shichimendo. The cave were Nichiren was confined is preserved on the grounds. A statue of him stands in the courtyard in front of the Hondo.

Main Temple
built in 1832. One of the popular Kanagawa style building.

Five-story Pagoda
built in 1910. Kanagawa's only five-story pagoda.

Sanmon Gate
built in 1864.

built in 1720.