Dragon Waterfall

Informasi Wisata

Dragon Waterfall (龍神の滝, ryujinnotaki) is about 54 ft. height, and located right next to Aki river. Like other waterfalls, this waterfall has many seasonable faces. In the old time, people believed that a giant snake lived in the basin of a waterfall. It was looked like Dragon when the snake capture the wild animals. That how people start call this waterfall Dragon Waterfall.
Tour info
Easy to see it, hard to find it. Only 2 min. from parking place.
0. at Tachikawa St.
1. take JR Ome line to Haijima (12min)
2. take JR Itsukaichi line to Musashiitsukaichi (17min)
3. take bus to Kazuma (30min)
4. walk to the montain (40 min.)

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