Rokkosan Sky Observatory

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Rokkosan Sky Observatory (六甲山天覧台) is one of 6 view spot of Kobe Night sceneries. At night, you can see the beautiful view of the city of light. In 1981, Emperor Showa visited here to enjoy 10 million dollars view of Kobe night sceneries. You can see, Kobe city, Osaka city, Mt. Maya, Akashi channel, Awaji Island, Osaka Bay and Ki Peninsula.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at Kobe Station.
1. use Hankyu Line to Rokko.
2. walk north to Rokko cable shita (30 min.)
3. use the cable to Sancho.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Rokkosan Sky Observatory

The round ticket of the cable: 1120 yen.
The one way ticket: 560 yen.