Port Sajima

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Port Sajima (佐島港, sajimako) is small port town located west side of Miura Peninsula. Sajima has rich history which first appears on letters over 600 years ago. Now, it is small fish port where you can enjoy fishing and get fresh fishes. There are a couple of fish market right next to the port. At those fish markets, you can buy fresh local fishes. Moreover, those fish markets runs also seafood restaurants. So, you can eat delicious Sushi and Sashimi, there.
Tourist Info.
There is not much parking space. Fish markets are mostly open until 6 pm.
0. at Yokosuka Station
1. use JR Yokosuka Line to Zushi (4 min.)
2. use Keikyu Bus to Sajima Marrina

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Detailed Travel Guide

Port Sajima

Port Sajima offers you excellent local fishes everyday. You can buy great fresh fishes which captured the day, and they will slice it into a piece for you right there.
There is a couple of fish market which runs also seafood restaurants. Not only they serves delicious seafood. When you buy fishes at the fish market, they can cook those fresh fish for you.
You can also enjoy fishing at Sajima. At Tenjin Island, you can enjoy fishing with great view of Mt. Fuji and Sagami Bay.
At the end of March you can eat frash Hijiki which is one kind of Seaweed. It is very sweet. Also, around middle of February, you can eat Sashimi of Wakame. These are the seasonable food. In this time many fishers are not capturing fishes, so instead of good seaweed, you can’t have many kinds of fishes.
Note: Sushi Combo was 2,200 yen!