Oyanagawa Valley

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Oyanagawa Valley (大柳川渓谷) is located in Fujigawa town, Yamanashi Prefecture. It is a part of Minami Alps. This is one of great one-day-hiking spot in Yamanashi with many beautiful waterfalls. During the early summer, it has beautiful green leaves. In Autumn, it has great Koyo leaves.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking and restroom.

0. at Minobu Station.
1. use JR Minobu Line to Kajikazawacuhi.
2. use local bus to Jukkokukannkouchusyajo.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Oyanagawa Valley

There are 5 waterfalls and 10 suspension bridges. Oyana river is coming from Genji mountain and runs into Fuji river.

-Amanbuchi Falls-
-Kannon Falls-
-Godan Falls-
-Suzumi Falls-
-Tengu Falls-

Hiking on this valley takes about 3 hours.