Otodome Waterfall

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Otodome Waterfall (音止の滝, otodomenotaki) is in Sizuoka prefecture, located west side of Mt. Fuji. This waterfall is about 75ft. height, and 15ft width. Otodome Waterfall is one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. There is Shiraito Waterfall right next to it. The waterfall is named by a fairy tale which one samurai stopped its sound because he couldn't hear in the meeting. When he prayed, the waterfall stopped making sound. There are many gift shop around Shiraito Waterfall.
Tourist info:
There are a couple of Hotels, camping place and a golf course.
0. at Fuji St.
1. take JR Minobu line to Fujinomiya (20 min.)
2. take bus to Shiraito no Taki (30 min.)

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Otodome Waterfall

Compare to Shiraito waterfall, Otodome waterfall makes dynamic sound. Also, you can see Mt.Fuji as the background of this fall. There are some hiking courses, so you can enjoy nice hiking and watch beautiful Mt.Fuji, and finish with this fall.
When you are in Fujinomiya, visit this waterfall and Shiraito waterfall.