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Okegawa-juku (桶川宿) is one of post towns on Nakasendo Road. It is 7th post town located in the middle of Saitama Prefecture. There are several traditional houses which built in Edo Period. So, Okegawa-juku offers you little time traveling to Edo period.

Tourist Info.
There is public parking. At the visitor's center, you can barrow a restroom. You can also check out the map of Okegawa-juku spots.

0. at Omiya Station.
1. use JR Takasaki Line to Okegawa (14 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Takemura Inns 武村旅館
... is remaining since Edo period. Today, it is still used for hotel. Inside of the house are quite the same as it used to be.

Jonenji Temple 浄念寺
The gate of Jonenji was built in 1701. The statues of the gate was built in 1768.

Shimamura Tea Store 島村老茶舗
... was established in 1854. There is a traditional storage back side of this store which built in 1836.

Honjin 本陣跡
There is a ruins of Honjin where Daimyo stayed. Not open for public.

Kurazukuri Merchant House蔵造り商家
... built in Edo period.

Ex-Inns Kobayashi House 旧旅籠小林家
Kobayashi House is another remaining Inn of Okegawa-juku. It was also built in Edoperiod. This hosue is registered as national important assets.

Obaniwa 大磐岩
... is 610kg huge stone. Legend said, Sumo Wrester, Unosuke who was considered as the strongest wrester in Edo period, could carry this rock.