Oashi Valley

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Oashi Valley (大芦渓谷) is one of the best Koyo spots in Kanuma, Tochigi pref. It has a beautiful Autumn leaves around the middle of November. The harmony of Green water and red leaves are so beautiful. Especially, around the Shiraidaira Bridge has a beautiful Momiji, Japanese Maple.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at Nikko Station or Utsunomiya Station.
1. use JR Nikko line to Kanuma.
2. use local bus to Ichino Torii.
3. walk 2 hrs.
Route 121 to 14 to 58.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Oashi Valley
Oashi Valley is located in Kanuma city, Tochigi prefecture. There are many beautiful waterfalls in this valley.
In Fall, it has a beautiful Autumn leaves. It is very popular photo spots for Koyo.