Nikai Fall

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Nikai waterfall (二階滝, nikaidaki) is one of the great waterfalls in Izu. The fall is located on very minor spots. However, there are great hiking course around the fall. If you are traveling around middle of Izu either by car or hiking, try this fall.
It has 20m (66 ft.) height. You can't access to the bottom, but there is a observatory space on the top.
Tourist Info.
Parking and restroom are available.
0. at Mishima Station
1. take Izu-Hakone Line to Shuzenji Station (35 min.)
2. take Izu-Tokai Bus to Nikaitaki (43 min.)
3. walk North (15 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Nikai Fall

There is nothing around the fall. So, it will be nice to combine with your hiking at Mt. Amagi, or when you are traveling with a car, it is very eazy to see for such a beautiful waterfall.