Nawate Street

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Nawate Street (縄手通り) is a shopping districts located right next to Matsumoto Castle. Nawate street was developed as the Sando leading to Yohashira Shrine. Because it is located next to Metoba River, frogs are the feature of this shopping districts. There is Frog Shrine.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking. Pedestrian free.

0. at Matsumoto Station
1. walk east (10 min.)


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Nawate Street

Nawate, literary means a bank of rope. was named from the bank of Metoba River. The bank was so small like rope.

Frogs is the symbol of Nawate. The frog, Kajika-kaeru, live around Metoba River. In 1972, because frog disappeared from the river, people start cleaning river and built Frog Shrine. Now, frogs come back and become the symbol of Nawate.