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Murakami(村上の町家・黒塀通り) was used to be a castle town during Edo period. It has many traditional buildings and still remains the view of Castle town. Especially, around temple street and black walls has a very interesting view of Edo period. In Murakami, you will see many hanged dried salmon. That is one of poplar the local delicacy in northern Niigata. There are many local Sake Brewery.

Tourist Info.
0. at Shibata Station.
1. use JR Haetsu Line to Murakami Station.
2. walk east.


Samurai Movie The Ronins New Wave Samurai Movie.

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the Ronins 映画好き集まれ!

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Detailed Travel Guide


Murakami is a castle town located in northern Niigata. Murakami has many remaining Samurai Houses. It has also many traditional houses that offers the view of Edo period.

Dried Salmon is also the unique scenery of Murakami. When you walk around you will see many hanged dried salmons. There is a hotel where Matsuo Basho stayed during Okuno Hosomichi.

-Misho Kikkawa-
Established Salmon store.