Mt. Mitake

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Mt. Mitake (御岳山) is located in Okutama, Tokyo. It is 929m high and approximately 2 hours from Tokyo. Mt. Mitake is one of the popular hiking spots nearby Tokyo Metro. There is a huge Shrine called "Musashi Mitake Shrien," and a lot of beautiful natures for all seasons. There are several hiking courses which covers for all generations. One of long hiking course has beautiful waterfalls, valley and scenery.

Tourist Info.
Cable car costs: 1090 yen for a round trip. Last train is 18:30

0. at Tachikawa Station
1. use JR Ome Line to Mitake.
2. use bust to Cable car station (10 min.)
3. use Mitake-san Cable car to the top of Mountain. (6 min.)
4. walk east (1hr. 30min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Mt. Mitake

Mt. Mitake covers all seasons. In Spring, many Sakura and many kinds of mountain flowers bloom. In summer, the mountain covered by Ajisai and beautiful green leaves. In fall, all of those trees have Koyo, Autumn tints, especially, maple and ginkgo tree. In winter, it will be covered by snow and ice. Ice make the ice flower in this mountain.

-Kamishiro Keyaki-
1000 years old, 23m high, 8.2m wide.

-Nagano Daira view spot-
... has great view of south Okutama Mountains.

-Nanayo Falls-
... is 7 steps waterfalls with 50m high in total.

-Tengu Rock-

-Rock Garden- a small valley with beautiful river and unique rocks
covered by moss.

-Ayahiro Falls-
... is 10m high waterfalls.

-Ohama no Katsura tree
300 years old and 38m high.

-Tengu's Chair-
350 years old Japanese cedar tree, 60m high.