Mt. Haguro

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Mt. Haguro (羽黒山) is one of 3 Dewa Sacred Mountains located in Yamagata. It is 414m tall mountains and the entire mountain is Dewa Shrine. The faith of Dewa is based on Shugendo and mountains. The history of Dewa Shrine is very old. In the middle of 6th century, these shrines of Dewa was established. There are many historical buildings such as 5 stories pagoda, the national treasure of Japan. The trail that is also the leading road has 2446 stone steps, and it is about 1.7km long.This main leading road is surrounded by over 500 years old Cedars.It was used to be a practice place of for Shugendo for long time.
Today, many people still worship this mountains.

Visitor's Info.
There parking and restroom.

0. at Sakata Station.
1. use JR Uetsu Line to Tsuruoka Station.
2. use local bus to Hagurosan.

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Mt. Haguro

Mt. Haguro is 414m tall mountain located in Yamagata Prefecture. It is one of 3 Dewa mountains of Shugendo and all shrines are located on the top of this mountain.

Because it was the center of old Japanese Buddhism, there are many historical buildings in this mountain.

Suga Falls
It was used for Misogi, cleansing Takigyo.

Jiji Cedar
Over 1,000 years old Cedar tree.

600 years old Five Stories Pagoda
Hagurosan 5 Stories Pagoda is the national treasure of Japan.

Stone Steps
2446 steps and 1.7km long.
This main leading road is surrounded by over 500 years old Cedars.

Sanjingosaiden hall
combined 3 shrines (Haguro, Gassan, Yudonosan)
This shrine was constructed in 1818. It is about 28m tall and 24m wide.
It is beautiful red shrine that is designated as national cultural important assets.