Mino Washi Akari Art Museum

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Mino Washi Akari Art Museum (美濃和紙あかりアート館) is the museum displays the prizewinning works from Akari Art Exhibition. In October, Mino has Washi art festival called Akari Art Exhibitions. Akari Art literary means the art of light. Because Mino is very famous for its Washi, they have an art exhibition of Washi art. The Akari art is the design of how you can express the light through the Washi paper.

Tourist Info.
There is parking around the museum.
Admission: 200 yen. Free under junior high. There is a group discount from 20 persons.
Open: 9:00 to 16:30 (16:00 from Oct. to Mar.) Last entry is 16:15.
Close: Tuesday.

0. at Gifu Station.
1. use JR Takayama Line to Mino Ota (35 min.)
2. use Nagaragawa Line to Minoshi (22 min.)
3. walk north (15 min.)


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Detailed Travel Guide

Mino Washi Akari Art Museum

On the first floor, they sale many Washi products.
The 2nd floor displayed many Awarded Hikari Arts from all the exhibition held. The entire floor has no light but the light of Hikari Arts. It is not only beautiful but also shows the warmness of the Washi. The entries are not only from Japan, but come from all over the world.