Mino Falls

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Mino Falls (箕面の滝) is one of 100 best Japanese waterfalls located in Osaka. It is 33m tall and 5 wide dynamic falls. It is also known as the best Koyo spots in Osaka. The strolling trail from the station has a beautiful riverside park with many trees. During the end of November, it has a stunning view of Autumn leaves. It was used to be the waterfalls for Takigyo Practice. Then make of Mino comes from the Japanese garment, a raincoat made out of straw, because the shape of the falls looks like Mino.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and resroom.
In Koyo season around the middle of November,
there is a street regulation. You can still use parking.

0. at Hotaruga Ike Station.
1. use Hankyu Takarazuka Line to Ishibashi.
2. use Hankyu Mino Line to Mino Station.
3. walk north (30 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Mino Falls
Type: Straight Falls
Height: 33m
Width: 5m

Mino Great Falls is one of the great waterfalls located in Mino City, Osaka Prefecture. It is chosen as one of the 100 best Japanese waterfalls.

It was used to be the practice place for the Shugendo in old time.

The waterfalls and its river are made as a park. This park is known as one of the best Autumn leaves spots in Osaka. About 2 million people visit every year.