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Masuda Town (増田町) is one of the Edo style towns located in Yokote, Akita Prefecture. There are many traditional houses that have Uchi-gura, the inside storage made from soil. Those buildings are registered as the national important cultural assets. Uchi-gura is a very unique building. Usually, Kura, the storage, is located outside of the house, but Uchi-gura is located inside of the house because of the heavy snowfalls. Also, not just people here keep their treasures in Kura, people actually live inside of Kura. Because Masuda developed with many wholesale businesses, those house owners are used to make a lot of money and they spent much money on their houses and Kura. Today, 19 Uchi-Gura are remaining in this town and most of them are open for public.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Some of the houses charge the admissions about 100 yen.
Most of those traditional houses are still used by the house owners.
When you want to see inside of the house, ask the owners and keep the good manners.

0. at Omagari Station.
1. use JR Ou Line to Jumonji Station.
2. walk east.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Masuda Town
Masuda Town was developed as the castle town in the middle of 14th century. In the beginning of Edo period, the castle was abandoned, but because this town was located on the crossroad, Masuda had been developed as a merchant town.

Masuda is known as the town of Uchi-Gura. Uchi-Gura is the Japanese style storage made from soil. It is a very strong structure for fire. Kura is usually located outside of the house, but because Masuda is a heavy snowfall region, people placed Kura inside of the house. That is Uchi-Gura. People keep their treasures, and also people live inside of Kura. This is very unique.

There are 19 houses with Uchi-Gura and most of them are open for public. Each Kura has its unique features. Also, not only Uchi-gura, their houses are also very old and traditional houses. Because Uchi-Gura is located inside. They have many beautiful features and arts. Because of the beautiful scenery with many traditional houses, Masuda town is registered as Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

-Murata Drug Store-
Established in the middle of Edo period.

-Sato House-

-Yamayoshi House-

-Yamanaka House-
National important cultural assets.

-Hinomaru Sake Brewery-
National important cultural assets.

The canals are built about 400 years ago.