Malibu Sea Kayak & Snorkel

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Malibu Sea Kayak & Snorkel (マリブシーカヤック&シュノーケル) is one of the most popular marine sports in Okinawa. Malibu beach is located in Onna Village, Okinawa prefecture. It has a beautiful blue and green beach. This beach is very famous for Sea Kayak & Snorkel to visit the blue cave. It takes about 3 hours for this activity. First, travel to the blue cave by Kayak, and change to snorkel to enjoy the inside of the blue cave and beautiful coral sea.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
To make a reservation: 098.982.5477 or visit the web site of SeaTrust
Admission: 6800 Yen for adult, 5800 Yen for kids.
Get 1000 Yen discount if you use or watch thier web site.
7:30 to 11:00
10:30 to 14:00
13:30 to 17:00
15:30 to 19:00 (only July to Sep.)
From: 5 years old to 65 years old.
Bring towel and swiming suits.
Takes 3 to 3 & harf hours.

It might be canceled under bad weather conditions.

0. at the airport.
1. use Local bus No. 20 or 120 to Ryukyumura.
2. walk north.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Malibu Sea Kayak & Snorkel

Traveling to the Blue Cave from Malibu Beach is one of the most popular tourist adventure in Okinawa. It contains the all the attractions of Okinawa.

First you will enjoy beautiful beach of Malibu that has breathtaking view of blue ocean. Then you will visit the blue cave. It is the cave that you can visit from sea by snorkeling or squab diving. The sun light that comes from the entrance create the beautiful blue color.
The water has mysterious blue world. Around the cave, there is coral sea with many beautiful fishes.

the web site of SeaTrust