Lake Haruna

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Lake Haruna (榛名湖, harunako) is the caldera lake and leis near the summit of Mt. Haruna in Gunma. In the summer, people enjoy camping and fishing. You can also enjoy boat riding for all season. In the Fall, there is beautiful autumn tint with Mt. Haruna. In the winter, the lake will be frozen up and people enjoy ice fishing and affords skating for wakasagi.

Tourist info.
There are many parking. Hotels and restaurants are also available.

0. at Shin Maebashi Station.
1. use JR Joetsu Line to Takasaki (14 min.)
2. use bus to Lake Haruna (90 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Lake Haruna

The one of the most popular spot for bass fishing. Even in the summer, the temperature is not so high, so many campers visit here and enjoy camping and fishing.

Because the water grass in this lake, it is very dangerous to entire this lake. If you drowning in this lake, you will never survive. In the fall, you can enjoy great autumn tint. So, this lake has great faces for all season. It is very quiet and nice lake.

Size: 1.15km²
Revolution: 1084m
Water: solid