Koyo at Daiitokuji

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Daiitoku-ji temple (大威徳寺) is one of the popular Koyo spots in Osaka Prefecture. It is one of the old Tendai Buddhism Temple in Osaka. Around the end of November, it has a beautiful Autumn leaves. Japanese Maples turn their color to rich red and orange.
It is breathtaking scenic beauty of Osaka. There is a beautiful Momiji Tunnel Ave. leading to the temple. Also, around Taho Tower has beautiful Japanese Maples as well.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at Kaizuka Station.
1. use Nankai Line to Kishiwada Station.
2. use local bus to Ushitakiyama.
3. walk.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Koyo at Daiitokuji
Daiitoku-ji Temple is one of Tendai Buddhism Temple located in Kishiwada, Osaka Prefecture. It is one of the oldest temple in Japan. Priest Kukai in 9th century practiced at this temple. There are many old buildings in this temple.

Constructed in 1515.

Daishido Hall
Constructed in early 17th century.

The Bell Tower
Constructed in 1681.