Koigataki Waterfall

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Koigataki (鯉ヶ滝, or 恋仇) is the one of the waterfall located deepest side of Abe river. It was believed that engaged couple who couldn't get together in their life time becomes carps to be true husband and wife.

Tourist Info.
It is on the Abe mountain pass. You can't see this fall on the winter because road will be close. On summer, when the sky is clear, you can see great Mt. Fuji from the Mt.Pass.

0. at Shizuoka station
1. use local bus to Umegashimaonsen (2 hr.)
2. walk east (40 min.)

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Koigataki Waterfall

Once upon time in AbeUmegashima, there are engaged couple, Saburosaemon and Oyone. One day, Guy from Fuchu named Baba visit this village and fall in love with Oyone. Saburosaemon got mad. He put fire on her house and killed them by dropping in the fall. After he drop them, he saw that his entire village was on fire because everywhere turns read. He aware of his sinfulness, and he also drop himself into the fall. However, the red he saw was not the fire, it was great autumn color with beautiful sunset. After all, Saburo and Oyone became carps and they lived happily ever after. This is the myth story.