Kochi Castle

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Kochi Castle (高知城) is one of 12 existed original castles located in Kochi. Kochi Castle is a hilltop castle, and it is 44.4m high. It was constructed in 1601 by Yamanouchi Kazutoyo. He was given the land of Tosa from Ieyasu after the battle of Sekigahara. Tenshu-kaku survived for over 250 years. Not only Tenshu-kaku, but also there are 15 original constructions remains today. Because of its historical value, all of them are registered as historical assets. Also, the site of castle is registered as the national historic site. Only Kochi Castle has all the original buildings of Honmaru.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom
Admission: 400 yen. Free under 18. There is group discount.
Time: 9:00 to 17:00

0. at Kochi Station.
1. use bus (10 min.), walk (25 min.)

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Kochi Castle

Type: Hilltop Castle
Built in: 1601 by Yamanouchi Kazutoyo.
Class: Existed Original Castle

Kochi Castle (高知城) is one of 12 existed original castles in Japan. It is also chosen as 100 best castles in Japan. Kochi Castle was built in 1601 by Yamanouchi Kazutoyo. Kazutoyo is one of Sengoku Daimyo who wins the land of Tosa at the end of Sengoku period. His career started as Samurai of Oda Nobunaga. After death of Oda Nobunaga, he promoted as the land of Kakegawa under Hideyoshi. After Hideyoshi's death, he fought at the battle of Sekigahara for Ieyasu. Because Ieyasu won and defeat Hideyoshi side, he gave Kazutoyo the land of Tosa.

When Kazutoyo moved to Tosa, he started built Kochi Castle because Urado Castle was too small for him.

In 1603, the stone walls and baileys of Honmaru and Ninoaru were completed, and started constructing Tenshu and Goten House.

In 1610, he named the mountain Mt. Kochi. In 1727, Tenshu was burnt down and reconstructed in 1749. Current Tenshu was this one.

-Otemon Gate-
Original builidng built in 1664.

-The wife of Kazutoyo-

-Stone Walls-
With overflow for rain. Kochi has many rains and this structure protect the wall from rain.

-Tsumemon Gate and bridge (original)-
This gate is also used for the bridge connecting Honmaru and Ninomaru.

2nd bailey used for the residence of the Lord of Yamanouchi.

-Honmarugoten (original)-
Kazutoyo and his wife live in this house. All of the buildings in Honmaru including Tenshu-kaku remains perfectly. Kochi Castle is only castle has all buildings in Honmaru. Those buildings are constructed in 1749. It is located top of the mountain and it is 44.4m tall.

-Tenshu-kaku (original)-
4 layers 6 stories building reconstructed in 1747. It is 18.5m tall. Only this Tenshu has "Shinobi Gaeshi" Ninja killer.

There are statues of Itagaki Taisuke, Yamanouchi Kazutoyo, and Kazutoyo's wife Kenseiin.

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