Kibitsuhiko Shrine

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Kibitsuhiko Shrine (吉備津彦神社) is the primary shrine of Bizen and one of oldest shrine in Japan. It enshrines Kibitsuhiko no Mikoto. Kibitsuhiko was the royal prince and the general of Sanyo-do region. He conquered Sanyo-do region and peacefully ruled those lands. He became the legendary hero and enshrined as the god. Kibitsuhiko Shrine was established at his house.

Visitor's info.
There is a parking and restroom.
Kibitsuhiko no Mikoto is the motif of the famous fairy tale "Momotaro."
At the Reitaisai (Matsuri of the shrine) in October, there is "Yabusame" demonstration.

0. at Okayama Station
1. use JR Kibitsu Line to Bizen Ichinomiya (12 min.)
2. walk west (5 min.)

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Kibitsuhiko Shrine

Enshrines: Ookibitsuhiko no Mikoto (the 3rd prince of the 7th emperor Korei.)

The establishment
In ancient time, Mt. Nakayama which located back of the shrine was fully respected as the sacred mountain. When Kibitsuhiko no Mikoto was on his mission, he also visited this mountain and prayed for his victory. After the success of his war, in stead of heading back to the imperial capital, he decided to stay this land of Kibi, and peacefully govern this land. He was fully respected by people and his house built under the sacred mountain became the shrine. This shrine is Kibitsuhiko Shrine.

the Main Shrine
... was built in 1697 by Ikeda Tsunamasa. It Sankensya Nagare Zukuri Style which is a traditional style in the land of Kibi.

Haiden, Shrine for worship
... was lost in 1930, and reconstructed in 1936.

Crane Pond and Turtle Pond
These sacred ponds are the one of main features of Kibitsuhiko Shrine. There are rock shrines on the islands which located in the ponds. Legend said, when the god of sacred mountain visit the village, he stayed at those shrines. They are one of oldest monuments in this shrine.

Juijin mon Gate
... was also built in 1697 by Ikeda Tsunamasa. On the left side, there is Toyoiwamado no Mikoto, and on the right side, there is Kushiiwamado no Mikoto.
(How to worship)
First bow to the rigth god, then bow to the left. At the last, bow to the shrine. Never walk the center of the road.

Heian Sugi
... is over 1,000 year's old Cedar Tree.

Ansei Great Toro, the stone garden lantern
Those Toro are the largest stone garden lanterns in Japan. It has 11m tall and built in 1859.

Koyasu Shrine
For matchmaking, baby safe growth and safe delivery.

The sunrise of the day of summer solstice face in front of the shrine and hit the sacred mirror in the main shrine.

Matsuri, ceremonies and festivals
January 1: New Year's Festival
February 3: SetsubunSai
March first Sunday: Ryujinsyasai
April first Sunday: Ura Shrine Matsuri. 19: Spring Matsuri.
May 5: Koyasu Shrine Matsuri. 2nd Sunday: Banza Matsuri.
June Summer Solstice: Sunrise Matsuri.
August 2 and 3: Ontaue Matsuri.
October 3rd Sat. and Sun: Reitaisai and Yabusame.
November 15: Shichigosan.
December 23: Tenchosai. 31: Joyasai.

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