Katori Jingu Shopping District

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Katori Jingu Shopping District(香取神宮商店街) is located in Katori, Chiba. It is also the omote sando leading to Katori Shrine. What is the special about this shopping district is Yakuotoshi Dango (厄落しだんご). There are many dango, Japanese sweet rice cake, shops in this district.
What is Yakuotoshi Dango? It is the spiritual food to serve the god of Katori Shrine. There for Dango, here, has power to protect from disaster.

Tourist Info.
There are many dango shops. There are free parking and public restroom.

0. at Narita Station.
1. use JR Narita Line to Katori (43 min.)
2. use local bus to Katori Jingu

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Katori Jingu Shopping District

In December 7, Dango ceremony is held at Katori Shrine. It is the religious ceremony to pray healthy grow for boys and girls. Usually, the food to serve gods is taken Sake, but because this ceremony is for children, there is no Sake served but they use Dango.
Therefore, this Dango is called Yakuotoshi Dango and it will protect you from disaster.

There are several Dango shops which serves many kinds of Dango.