Kaminoyama Onsen

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Kaminoyama Onsen (上山温泉) is Onsen town located in the middle of Yamagata Prefecture. It is Onsen with lots of Samurai houses. There are also many Samurai Style houses remained from Edo Period. There is a street called Bukeyashiki Street with four remaining Samurai Houses. One of them is opened for public. It was considered as three best Onsen during the Edo Period. There are many free foot Onsen in this town, and public Onsen for only 150 yen.

Tourist Info.
Park at Kaminoyama Castle is the best way to travel.

0. at Yamagata Station.
1. use JR Oou Line to Kaminoyama Onsen (13 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Kaminoyama Onsen

Isabella Bird visited this town in 1878 and praised as the best spot in Tohoku.

Kaminoyama Onsen appears in text in 1459. a buddhist monk found this Onsen which a crane was resting and recovering her injury. He named this Onsen a crane Onsen.

There 6 Onsen springs which make 6 Onsen towns in Kaminoyama Onsen. There are over 20 Onsen Hotels, 7 public Onsen, and many free foot Onsen.

Because it was also the Castle town during Edo Period, there are many Samurai style building and real Samurai Houses.