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Jujo Ginza (十条銀座) Shopping District is a shopping district located in Kita Ward and one of the three biggest Ginza in Tokyo along with Ebara Ginza and Sunamachi Ginza. This shopping district was built in 1938 and renewed in 1977. There is also Fujimi Ginza ( 富士見銀座) shopping district right next to Jujo Ginza. In these Ginza, you can enjoy great Japanese everyday dishes for very reasonable prices. 1000 yen will be enough money to check out all kinds of Japanese food.

Tourist Info.
Over 150 stores in Jujo and Fushimi Ginza.

0. at Ikebukuro Station
1. use JR Saikyo Line to Jujo Station (10 min.)
2. exit on west entrance

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Jujo Ginza

The name "Jujo" comes from the name of a traditional Japanese measurement of land area. The original shopping district was built in 1938, and since then it has been getting bigger and bigger. Now it is one of the three big Tokyo Ginza districts. There are over 200 shops in Jujo Ginza, Fushimi Ginza and other shopping areas around Jujo Station.

Just about every other month, they have a special sales festival which makes all the prices more reasonable. It is already very cheap in Jujo Ginza, especially the food stands. Those food stands have typical Japanese everyday dishes, and most of them are priced less than 200 yen. So, if you want to try those Japanese typical food, Jujo Ginza offers you every thing for less than 1000 yen.

Also, you can buy kitchen supplies, clothes, and other groceries very cheaply.

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