Juhyo, Ice Monster, of Zao

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Juhyo, Ice Monster, of Zao(蔵王の樹氷) is one of the most popular feature in Tohoku. This phenomena happens only few mountains of Tohoku in the world. All trees will be covered with snow and ice, and they just look like monsters. Juhyo only formed with extremely wet and cold wind from Siberia. When that wet wind hits the high mountain like Zao, Juhyo appears. Juhyo in Zao appears from January to March. Feb. is the best time to see. It is one of the most unique and beautiful scenery of Japanese winter.

Tourist Info.
It is very easy access to the top of Mt. Zao by Ropeway.
Period: from the end Of Dec. to early Mar.
Time: 8:30 to 17:00
Round Trip: 2,500 yen for adult, 1,250 yen for kids.
Best time is visit in February.

0. at Yamagata Station.
1. use shuttle bus to Zao Onsen.
2. walk to Zao Sancho Ropeway.
3. 30 min. to the top.


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Juhyo, Ice Monster, of Zao

Juhyo, a.k.a. Ice Monster or Snow Monster, is one of the most popular phenomena in Japanese winter. It only appears in very few mountains in the world. Mt. Zao is one of the popular Juhyo spot in Japan.

On the top of Mt. Jizo(1736m), that is one of the Zao mountains, Juhyo is formed with the cold and wet wind from Siberia. From the end of December Juhyo slowly grows up and in the February the entire summit of the mountain will be covered with this Ice Monsters.

There are few conditions that Juhyo is able to grow. When extremely cold water and snow brow strongly from the same direction in certain temperature. If it's too warm, ice will melt. If it's too cold, ice will not stay at the trees. When the wind from Siberia goes through the sea of Japan, it contains a lot of water. When that wind hit the mountain of Zao, the water becomes super cold water. This water and snow mixed at this place and grows Juhyo.