Joeiji Temple

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Joeiji (常栄寺) is also known as Botamochi Temple. The original temple was built around 13th century named after Myojyonichiei (妙常日栄). When Nichiren prosecuted by Buddhism because he was new way of teaching peace with Buddhism, vestal virgin of the temple gave him Botamochi, a springtime treat made with sweet rice and sweet azuki (red bean) paste, here. In this case, Nichiren won and successfully avoid the insulation from Buddhism. From this story, this temple and it's Botamochi became famous for good luck. After 700 years later, they still serve Botamochi on the same day, on September.

Visitor Info.
Very small temple, but there are many historical stuff.

0. at Kamakura Station.
1. walk east (5 min.)

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Joeiji Temple

Joeiji is very small temple. The main temple was build at 1606. However, this place is very important for history, especially for Nichiren Buddhism. Also, there are many historical monuments are still exist. You can see many poems which wrote by the vestal virgin and other important person.

There is the letter from Nichiren to the vestal virgin for giving her accolades.

In the Edo period, the temple was a monk school. On 1689, the school moved to Ikegami, but because this was very spiritual place, they build lecture house and dome to train monk.

On September 12, they have the Botamochi mass which they serve the same Botamochi.