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Jisonin (慈尊院) is Shingon Buddhism Temple located in Kudoyama, Wakayama Pref. It was established by Priest Kukai in 816 for the entrance of Koyasan. Kukai's mother visited here and showed highly respect to the main statues. There is the mausoleum of Kukai's mother. Koyasan was highly restricted for women. Only man can allow to enter. So, Jisonin was the temple for women to worship Koyasan. Even today, Jisonin is highly respected for women as women's Koyasan. It is located as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visitor's info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Hashimoto Station.
1. use Nankai Koya Line to Kudoyama.
2. walke west (30 min.)

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Jisonin is Shingon Buddhism Temple located on the lower part of Mt. Koya. In 816, Kobo Daishi Kukai established Mt. Koyasan, and he also established this temple as the entrace of Mt. Koyasan. Priest Kukai invited his mother from Kagawa to this temple because the top of Mt. Koyasan was highly restricted for women. No woman allows to enter the mountain. Priest Kukai visited this temple to see his mother every once a month. When his mother passed away, he built Mirokubosatsu Statue to enshrine his mother because she respected Mirokubosatsu. The mausoleum of his mother was removed to current place in 1474.

The Mausoleum
It is registered as the national important cultural asset. It enshrines Mirokubosatsu that is registered as the national treasure of Japan.

Gon, the Koyasan guide Dog
The wild dog guided travelers from Jisonin to Koyasan. He traveled about 40km round trip every day.

As women's Koyasan
Wish Ema for childbirth, baby's health and matchmaiking. Also, people visit here to recovery from breast cancer.

Taho Tower
Constructed in 1643.