Isobe Onsen

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Isobe Onsen (磯部温泉) is Onsen town located in Annaka, Gunma. This is the birth place of Japanese Onsen Symbol. There are many Onsen hotels and public Onsen you can enjoy here. Free Ashi-yu, foot Onsen is also available nearby Isobe Station. Isobe Onsen is also famous for Isobe-yaki (磯部焼き), Senbei - Japanese rice cracker. Isobe-yaki is Senbei made by Onsen water of Isobe. Soda and salt of this Onsen water makes delicious Senbei. They still used the traditional way of making Senbei here.

Tourist Info
There are many Isobe-yaki shops around the station.

0. at Maebashi Station
1. use JR Ryomo Line to Takasaki (14 min.)
2. use JR Shinetsu Line to Isobe (18 min.)

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Isobe Onsen

Isobe Onsen is the birth place of Onsen Symbol (♨) because Onsen Symbol is appeared first in the Court decision of Edo Government in 1661, and this is the oldest record of Onsen Symbol. After the eruption of Mt. Asama in 1783, the amount of Onsen water raised, but the temperature of the water was low. So, in order to enjoy Onsen, people boiled the water for long time. Later, they found new Onsen Spring and it had much hotter water. Current Onsen use the new Onsen water. Many famous writers visited this Onsen and made a great poem or writing at this Onsen Town.

There are many delicacies in Isobe Onsen, especially river fishes are always taste great, and fruits and vegetable are produced around the area and they are all fresh.

Isobe-yaki senbei, Japanese Rice Cracker, is the most popular food produce in Isobe Onsen. They use Onsen water to make a great Senbei. Many Isobe-yaki shops still produce their produce with traditional way of making.

The famous Fairy Tail “Shitakiri Suzume (舌切り雀)” was written here in Isobe.

This Onsen is also known as “Onsen of Devoted or Henpecked Husband.”