Ikegami Honmonji Oeshiki

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Ikegami Honmonji Oeshiki (池上本門寺御会式) is the most important event for Nichiren Buddhism and it is held at Ikegami Honmonji Temple around October 13 when Priest Nichiren passed away. The main feature of Oeshiki is these great sweeping Sakura Lanterns. Over 100 Sweeping Sakura Lanterns are marching to Ikegami Honmonji Temple. There are many food stands opening during the festival. Ikegami Honmonji Temple is located in Ota Ward, Tokyo Metro.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking. There are many restroom.
The street will be closed for pedestrians. No car.
There are many food stands.
Time: 18:00 to midnight.
The street to the temple will be regulated to one direction.

0. at Kamata Station.
1. use Tokyu Ikegami Line to Ikegami Station.
2. walk

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Ikegami Honmonji Oeshiki
Ikegami Honmonji temple is the main temple of Nichiren Buddhism. It was established by priest Nichiren. He passed away at this place on October 13, 1282. Since then, October 13 becomes the most important date for Nichiren Buddhism. Oeshiki is held at this date.

All the followers of Nichiren Buddhism temples celebrate this date, and because Ikegami Honmonji is where Priest Nichiren died, it is the most important and largest Oeshiki in Japan.

About 2km long from Ikegami Station to Ikegami Honmonji, many temples with Mando, Sweeping Sakura Lantern Tower, march to the temple.

-Mando, the Sweeping Sakura Lantern Tower-
When Priest Nichiren passed away, the Sweeping Sakura at the temple that is called Oeshiki bloom beautifully. After that, people take this story and becomes the symbol of Oeshiki festival.