Ichijio Falls

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Ichijio Falls (一乗滝) is where the famous sword master Sasaki Kojiro mastered his Tsubame Gaeshi. It is 12m tall waterfalls located in Ichijo Valley, Fukui Pref. The water is considered as the sacred water. Sasaki Kojiro was born around this waterfalls.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at Fukui Station.
1. use Kyofuku Bus to Ichijodaki.
2. walk (25 min.)

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Ichijio Falls
Sasaki Kojiro
... is one of the famous Sword master during the early 17th century. He is well known as the last challenger of Miyamoto Musashi. The fight between Musashi and Kojiro is known as "the fight of Ganryu Island." Legend said, he lost to Musashi and died at Ganryu Island.

He was born at Echizen Usaka Jyokyoji Village (current Fukui Prefecture).

He trained under sword master Kanemaki Jizai, the teacher of Ito Ittosai, or Tomita Seigen of Nakajo ryu. Most likely, he was 18 years old when he fought against Musashi, However, those who taught Kojiro sword lived in middle of 16th century. Therefore, Sasaki Kojiro was at least 50's. If he was directly trained under Tomita Seigen, he must be over 70 years old when Musashi challenged him.

He mastered his "Tsubame gaeshi" at Ichijo Falls.

First, he served Mori clan of Aki. Later, he traveled Japan and established his own sword style, called "Gan ryu." He became the official sword instructor of Obata clan. He used about 1m long "Nodachi."

He was killed at Ganryu Island by Miyamoto Musashi.