Hyakuyojo Falls

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Hyakuyojo Falls (百四丈の滝) is one of the best waterfalls located in Mt. Hakusan, Ishikawa Pref. It is 90m tall and 10m wide. It is a huge straight falls that you can also see the behind of the falls. Even Mt. Hakusan has heavy snow in winter, this waterfalls will never frozen up. This waterfalls is the hardest waterfalls to see, especially its basin. It's is the hidden waterfalls.

Tourist Info.
The observatory is located on the Kagazanjodo climbing route of Mt. Hakusan.
It is availabe for only summer.
Warning: You cannot visit its vasin. It's requires the professional skills to visit.

0. at Kanazawa Station.
1. use Hakusan Bus to Betodeai.
2. climb to Murodo. Stay.
3. walk Kagazenjodo 4 hours.


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Detailed Travel Guide

Hyakuyojo Falls

Type: Straight. Able to see from the behind.
Height: 90m
Weidth: 10m

Hyakuyojo Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Japan. However, because it is located deep side of Mt. Hakusan, it is considered as the hardest waterfalls to see in Japan.

The altitude of the falls is about 1,800m from the sea level and because of the shape of the rock and large amount of water, water jump into the air and fall straightly without hitting rocks. Therefore, you can see the back side of this falls.

Mt. Hakusan has a heavy snow in winter. However, because of the large amount of water coming from Mt. Hakusa, Hyakushijo Falls never frozen up. It will create an unique basin made from ice.

Observatory is located around Amaike Pond.

Caution: It requires professional skills to visit the basin of the falls. Takes 6 to 8 hours for round trip from Amaike Pond. When you plan to visit there, make a plan with very long time. It's all your responsibility to try. Watch the weather, if it's raining, it is impossible to visit. It requires climbing down though a bamboo thicket, and about 100m river cliff. It is very very dangerous, and very easy to lost. There is no correct pass or route to visit.

How to get there.
At Amaike Pond, climb down bamboo thicket until you see the dry river. Go down all the way along the dry river until you see huge rock on your right hand side. Walk down dry river for about 20m more and walk in to bamboo thicket on left hand side. Maybe 10 to 20min. you will find another dry river. This dry river lead you to the bottom of the falls. However, just before the falls, dry river becomes a river and about you must climb down the cliff of the river.

It is very dangours pass and it is all your responsibility.