How to cook Tempura

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Tenpura is one of the most popular Japanese food. There are many kinds of Tempura you can make. Find your own favorite ingredients for Tenpura.

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How to cook Tempura

Sweet Potato
Beefsteak plant
Flour and Egg

Deep fry batter

Start with cutting vegetables.
Sweet-Potato, cut tops and slice it bout 1 cm thick .
Pumpkin, cut tops and slice it bout 0.5 cm thick .
Shiitake-Mashrooms, cut a root.
Eggplants, cut the top and slice it half.
Cut halfway of the bottom.
Carrot, cut top and cut into half, then peel off the skin.
Then, slice them into thin stick shape.
Onion, cut the top and bottom and peel off the skin. Then, slice it thin.
Shrimp, peel off the skin, and remove back vein.
Cut the tip of the tail and cut stomach little to prevent them bending.
Next, let's make Deep fry batter, "Koromo" in Japanese.
Use two bowls layered like this, and bottom one has ice and water.
You can fry better with cold Koromo.
Top bowl has cold flour and add egg.
Add Cold Water and mix them roughly.
Don't mix totally, uneven is fine.
Add Oil into big pan.
Temperature of the oil is 180 degree C.
If you don't have high heat thermometer, drop little Koromo, When koromo has not much bubbles, and does not float, then it's too cold.
When it has many bubbles and float soon, then it's heated good.
Let's fry. Dip the ingredients into Koromo, and slowly put them in a pan.
It's ready when tempura is floating and the amount of the bubble get shorter and smaller.
When it's fried, remove it on the tray with net to drop the extra oil.
That's it.

Making dipping sauce.
Boil hot water and add Dashi. Then add soy sauce, and Mirin.
4 water, 1 soy sauce and mirin.