How to Katsudon

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Katsudon (Pork Cutlet Bowl) is one of the popular Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments. Sauce is made by Dashi (Umami soup), sugar and soy sauce.

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How to Katsudon

Pork Loin
bread crumb
Dashi (You can use soba dipping sauce)

Pork cutlet bowl.
First, hit pork with back side of kitchen knife. Then, stab couple of time to cut muscle.

Do it both side.

Add, salt and pepper. Both side.

Next, Making deep fry batter.
You need, flour, egg, and bread crumb.

Let's add deep fry batter on the pork.

Put egg, and shuffle them. Not too much.

First, put flour. Add little flour to cover the surface.

Drop off unnecessary flours.

Next, dip in egg. dip it completely.

Last, Bread crumb. You can push it to add bread crumb.

Let's cut onion for "Katsudon."

Slice 1/4 piece of onion thin.

Next, fry. Add oil in a pan.

The temperature of oil is 180 c, (380 f). It's better to use a heat gauge.

Let's fry them.

Flip them sometimes.

Looks great. When bubbles are getting smaller and the sound is weaker, it's a sigh to finish. Check out the color. This orange is good.

Pork is well fried.

Last step: boil Katsu with onion and Japanese dipping sauce.

This time, we use typical soba dipping sauce.

Amount of sauce is just about overing over Katsu. Not too much.

Then star boiling.

Before add Katsu in pan, cut them into a pieces.

Then add Katsu.

Next, add sliced onion. More onion, better taste.

When onion get softer, time to add eggs.

Shuffle them but not so hard.

Use Chopsticks to cover entire Katsu.

In Japan, you can eat raw egg, so you don't have to boil egg completely. However, if you like hard boiled egg, boil them little longer.

That's it. Easy and tasty "Katsudon." I hope you enjoy cooking it for yourself.

This is Pork Cutlet. You need only cabbage.