How to cook Yaki-nasu

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Yaki-nasu is the broiled eggplant. It is popular Japanese summer food because eggplants are summer vegetable. It is served as cold food. You can eat this at Izakaya.

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How to cook Yaki-nasu

-Soy Sauce

First cut top of eggplants.
Broiled this at a kitchen burner.
Use a mesh and medium fire.
Put Eggplants.
Keep turning eggplants.
Broil them until while eggplant get softer.
This is soft enough.
Let's peel off their skin. Be careful, it very hot.
Then cut them into a bite size.
Put them on a dish and rap them.
Make them cold by a freezer.
While waiting, let's grate a ginger. Peel off the skin.
Make sure the eggplants get very cold. Remove a rap and add ginger.
That's it.
Pour soy sauce over the ginger.