Hiking at Kirigamine

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Kirigamine (霧ケ峰) is very popular hiking spots. It is the beautiful highland located in the middle of Nagano Prefecture. The entire route is about 4 hours and very easy for beginners. It has a great Panorama view of all Nagano area including Mt. Fuji. The sky is very open and it has many beuatiful mountain flowers.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Matsumoto Station
1. use JR Shinanoi Line to Shiojiri Station.
2. use JR Chuo Line to Kamisuwa Station.
3. use Local Bus to Kurumayamakata (30 min.)


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Detailed Travel Guide

Hiking at Kirigamine

Altitude: 1,925m
Altitude difference: 305m
Level: for beginners
Time: 4 hours

Kirigamine is an active volcano located in the middle of Nagano Prefecture. It is highland with great clear view of all Nagano Prefecture. The hiking trail has wide open views. The trail is very easy to walk for the beginners. Daylily
will be blooming beautifully from early summer to the middle of the summer. There are many beautiful marshes and ponds.

The Route
Start at Kurumayamagata
Top of Mt. Kurumayama 40 min.
Top of Mt. Chochomi 40 min.
Monomi Rock 30 min. (Video stoped here beause of the dog)
Yashimagahara Marsh 20 min.
Back to Kurumayamagata 30 min.