Hayato Fall

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Hayato Fall (早戸大滝, hayato otaki) is one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan, which located Mt. Tanzawa in Kanagawa prefecture. It has 50m (167ft.) high. Even the fall is chosen as 100 best waterfalls, because it is located in deep side of Mt. Tanzawa, not many people visit this fall. That's why this fall is also known as a visionary fall. One of the unique feature of the fall is the great rock covering the front side of the fall. You can only see the fall at the bottom of the fall.

Tourist Info.
This is one of the hardest waterfall you could see in Japan. It requires river tracing. There is a kind of mountain road, but it's not conditioned well. You cannot see this fall after the heavy rain.

You need a car to see this. Otherwise it requires 2 extra hours from Lake Miyagase. You can drive very deep side along with Hayato River. However, from the parking space to the fall, it requires one to two hours hard hiking.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Hayato Fall

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. However, it is also the hardest one to see it. It so hard to trace the mountain way because it has few tracing marks. You will get lost so easily. At some spots, you have to do river trekking. If you pick up the wrong kind of shoes, you will fall from the cliff or river so easily. Rocks are very slippy, so be careful. There are a couple of small cliff hangs. All of those have lopes, but it is very dangerous. Kids cannot visit this fall.

You cannot visit this fall right after there was heavy rain because the amount of water of the river will increase so high to became so dangerous to do river trekking. Also, there is wild bear alert. Make sure if you are not used to hike the heavy mountain, visit with someone who knows about the fall and the mountain.

You can approach right next to the fall. You will able to see the fall which covered by the great rocks. Be careful, the rocks are very wet and slippy. Not much space to rest yourself by the fall.