Hanami at Meguro River

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Meguro River (目黒川, megurogawa) has about 830 Sakura on the riverside. From the Ikejiriohashi to Meguro which is about 3.2km becomes Sakura Promenade. Because it is great location for People live in Tokyo and Yokohama, many people have Hanami party here at night especially on Friday night after they finish their work. It is one of the famous Hanami spot in Tokyo.
Tourist Info.
There are many food stand and light up at night.
Nearest stations are, Ikejiriohashi, Nakameguro and Meguro of Tokyu Line.
0. at Shibuya
1. use Denentoshi Line to Ikejiriohashi ( 2 min.)
2. use Toyoko Line to Nakameguro (4 min.)
3. use JR Yamanote Line to Meguro (8 min.)

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Hanami at Meguro River

Check out the Hanami party for business men. At night, it has a very squalid and unique atmosphere with lanterns light and city light. There are many festivals also hold during Cherry blossom. Because it is conveniently located from Shibuya, you can check out the sakura after shopping.