Hakusan Super Mountain Road

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Hakusan Super Mountain Road (白山スーパー林道, hakusan super rindo) is a mountain road that connect Isikawa prefecture and Gifu Prefecture over Mt. Hakusan. It is 33.3km long in total. Not only it has great views of mountain and arial views, but also it has great valley with many wonderful waterfalls. The road is only available in summer and autumn.

Tourist Info.
Season: June 1 to November 10 (it might change with weather reason.)

Open: From June to August 7:00 to 18:00
From September to November 8:00 to 17:00
No over stay allowed.

Toll Fare:
June and September to November : 3150 yen for normal car. 2540 yen for small car. There is round trip discount.
July to the end of August: 2500 yen for normal car. 2000 yen for small car.

Need a car.
From Ishikawa:
It is located on between route 360 and 156. Drive 360 all the way to the end.
From Gifu:
Exit at Shirakawago of Tokai Hokuriku Express way. Drive south.


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Detailed Travel Guide

Hakusan Super Mountain Road
View points
Shiritaka Falls
Akaiwa Falls
Kamasoko Falls
Oyadani Onsen
Ubaga Falls
Fukube Falls
Sanbouiwa Mountain
Shirakawago observatory

There are many hiking courses on this pass.

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