Hachioji Matsuri

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Hachioji Matsuri (八王子まつり) is the traditional Japanese Festival held in beginning of August in Hachioji, Tokyo. Many Mikoshi (portable shrine) and 19 Dashi (Japanese Parade Float) will be running over the central city of Hachioji. Also, over 300 food stands and gift shops will be open in this festival. One of the biggest Matsuri in Hachioji. You can enjoy exciting Mikoshi parade and Dashi with great dance performance and music.

Tourist Info.
Better to visit by train.

0. at Shinjuku Station
1. use JR Chuo Line to Hachioji (40 min.)

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Hachioji Matsuri

11 Dashi are the important properties of Hachioij City. Those great Dashi and Mikoshi parade at the Koshu Kaido which is very important road connect to Tokyo and Kyoto. It is very exciting Summer festival, especially when 1,600 people carry the Senkan Mikoshi, which has the weight of over 4 ton. Also, many Dashi will have traditional Japanese music and dance performing. It is three days Festival. Over 300 Yomise, temporary gift, food and game stand for Japanese Festival, open. So, you can enjoy all kinds of Japanese festival food and entertainments.