Goshiki Strolling Pass

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Goshiki Strolling Pass (五色沼自然探索路) is popular hiking spot in Fukushima. It is about 3.6km long walk and travel 8 beautiful ponds. Goshiki Pond means Five Color Pond. The water is the spring from the underground that contains a lots of hydrogen sulfide that couse of the various kinds of blue colors.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
It taks about 1 hour of walking

0. at Aizu Wakamatsu Station.
1. use Banetsunishi Line to Inawashiroko Station.
2. use local bus to Goshikinuma.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Goshiki Strolling Pass

Goshiki Ponds are the group of ponds located north side of Mt. Bandai. There are about 30 ponds in this area. There is a strolling pass that travel about 10 beautiful pond.

-Bisyamon Pond
-Red Pond
-Midoro Pond
-Dragon Pond
-Benten Pond
-Ruri Pond
-Blue Pond
-Ynaginuma Pond