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Gobo (御坊) is one of the interesting temple with many traditional houses located in south-west of Wakayama prefecture. This town was formed around Muromachi era as the temple town. During Edo period, there are many wholesale stores gathered in this town and those beautiful old houses are still remaining and have a view of Samurai town. It is also located in Kumano Pilgrimage Road.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Strolling takes about 1 hour.

0. at Kii Tanabe Station.
1. use JR Kisei Line to Gobo Station.
2. use Kishu Line to Nishi Gobo Station.
3. walk east.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Gobo is located in the middle west of Wakayama Prefecture. It is a temple town with many traditional houses and a part of Kumano Pilgrimage Road. This town has a view of Samurai era.

Shigaya Kawase House
Constructed in Edo period. It was used to be a candle wholesale store.

Horikawaya Nomura House
Constructed in late Edo period and templesSoy Sauce Brewery established in early 17th century. They are still running the business.

Hidaka Betsuin Temple
Established in 1595 and some of the buildings in 1825.