Ganso Food Sample Shop

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Ganso Food Sample Shop(元祖食品サンプル屋) is a sample food, aka fake food, shop located in Kappabashi,

Tokyo. It has also experiencing making fake food. In the calls, you are going to make two kinds of tempura and one lettuce. You are going to experience the traditional way of making fake food that uses wax. The class is about 1 hour. It is very exciting attraction for tourism in Tokyo.

Tourist Info.
You have to make a reservation by the phone (Japanese Only).
The calls is only in Japanese.
Since it is using hot wax, for the safety the translator is required.
Because it use hot water and wax, not wear sleeve. Be careful with nail arts.
Age: over 6 years old. Under 9 years old, the parent must join with kids.
No kids under 5 years old can enter the show room.
Fee: 2160(tax included)
You will take your fake foods to home.
No parking.

0. at Asakusa Station.
1. walk west (20 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Ganso Food Sample Shop

Ganso Shokuhin Sample Shop offers experiencing traditional way of making fake food with wax.
It is very amazing that how the hot wax changes it shape to a real-looking food.

You can pick up two kinds of tempura from:
Shiitake Mushroom.
Sweet Potato.
Bell pepper.
Lotus Root.

and make a lettuce.

You can take a photo but no video shooting.

You must make a reservation (Japanese only)
0120-17-1839 (10:00 to 17:30)