Fukuoka Castle

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Fukuoka Castle (福岡城) is a hilltop castle located in Fukuoka. It was built in 1601 by Kuroda Nagamasa. There are many stonewalls, baileys and some Yagura are remaining in this castle. It has also beautiful Plum forest and Sakrua trees.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restrooms.

0. at Hakata Station.
1. Fukuoka Subway to Ohorikoen (10 min.)
2. walk (3 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Fukuoka Castle

Type: Hilltop.
Built in: 1601 by Kuroda Nagamasa.
Class: Ruins.

In 1600, after the battle of Sekigahara, Kuroda Nagamasa was given the land of Chikuzen. He changed the name of his land from Nashima to Fukuoka. The name Fukuoka was named by Nagamasa. The original land of Kuroda clan was located in Fukuoka, Bizen. He wished the growth of Kuroda clan and named his new land Fukuoka. In 1601, he started built a castle and it was completed in 1607.

Today, it is registered as 100 best Japanese castles.

-Tamon Yagura and Minamisumi Yagura-
The original remaining keeps. Also they are registered as national important cultural assets.

It has a beautiful plum garden.