Fukiware Fall

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Fukiware Waterfall (吹割の滝, fukiwarenotaki) is one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan, which has 7m (21ft.) height and 30m (90ft.) width. It is also the one of the National Monument of Japan. Because the fall has V-shaped and water falls from three different direction, it called Asian Niagara Fall. In the winter, the fall is frozen up completely, and lighted up. At the lower part of the fall there is another fall called Masutobi Waterfall (鱒飛の滝, masutobinotaki) which is also dynamic fall.
Tourist Info.
There are many gift shop, hotels, and restaurants. You can find tour bus around Numata Station. Parking is also available.
0. at Maebashi Station
1. take JR Ryoge Line to Shin-Maebashi (3 min.)
2. take JR Joetsu LIne to Numata (34 min.)
3. take bus to Fukiwarenotaki (45 min.)

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Fukiware Fall

Exciting to see this fall. You can approach very up close to the fall. Of course, you have to be very careful because the rocks are very slippy. Like Niagara fall, huge amount of water is falling which create dynamic sound and mist into the air. The fall is located on rocky valley. So, you could also enjoy walking and viewing great rocks around the fall.