Fudo Fall

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Fudotaki (棚下不動滝)is one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan, which has 37m (110ft.) height. It is located at a very tight rocky valley. Water falls from great rock table. The rocks around the falls, trees, and the fall create great harmony of nature beauty. It's sometimes used for ascetic practices for Buddhism.
Tourist Info
There are rest room, parking, and Shrine at the fall.
0. at Maebashi Station
1. take JR Ryoge Line to Shin-Maebashi (3 min.)
3. take JR Joetsu Line to Tsukuda (22 min.)
4. walk route 255 (30 min.)

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Fudo Fall

It's a very beautiful waterfall. Water is splashing into the air from the great rock table. There is a huge opened cave created by the great rock table, so you can actually view the inside of the fall. At June, there are many hydrangea blooming. Be careful, after heavy rain, falling rocks sometimes happen.