Ena Valley

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Ena Valley (恵那峡) is a valley of Kiso River located in Nakatsugawa, Gifu prefecture. This valley was made by Oi Dam. Usually, most of the sceneries were destroyed by the production of dam, but Ena Valley become more beautiful spot by the dam which is very rare case. It has sightseeing cruise at Sazanami park. The cruising offers beautiful landscape with many unique rocks. Ena Valley is also popular for its Koyo.

Tourist Info.
During the Koyo season, it get very crowded. Koyo happens in the middle of November.

0. at Ena Station
1. use bus to Enakyokenritushizenkoen

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Ena Valley

In spring, Sazamani park has 200 sakura and Tsutsuji flower bloom. In Summer, it offers beautiful new green leaves. In falls, there is beautiful autumn leaves. In winter, lots of birds visit this valley which offers tourist bird watching. There is light-up sakukra, too.