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Chichibu Shrine (秩父神社, chichibujinja) is the one of the oldest Shrine for Eastern Area. The Shrine has over 1000 years of history started from 878 a.c.e. Most famous event of the shrine is Chichibu Yomatsuri (Chichibu Night Festival) which is the three most important cultural mountain festivals of Japan.
Visitor Info.
Parking is available. Chichibu Night Festival at December 3.
0. at Omiya St.
1. use JR Saikyo Line to Kawagoe St. (18 min.)
2. use JR Kawagoe Line to Higashihano St. (37 min.)
3. use Seibu Ikebukuro Line to Seibuchichibu St. (58 min.)
4. walk west (5 min.)


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Chichibu Shrine

Enshrined Gods
for Politics, education, industry, and opening luck.
Ancestral Spirits of Chichibu
of Hokushinmyomi
Brother of Showa Emperor
Chichibu Shrine is one of the oldest Shrine for Eastern Area, which started 878 a.c.e. Around middle age, one of the biggest samurai family Taira no yosibumi professed his faith of Samurai to all Eastern Samurai here. This faith was called Myomishinko and originally came from Babylonia story converted to Samurai Spirit. Current shrine pavilion was given by Shogun Ieyasu who is the first Shogun of Edo period. The main shrine pavilion is now one of the historical monument of Saitama Prefecture.
Chichibu Night Festival which held by Chichibu Shrine is the three most important cultural mountain festivals of Japan. Over 200 thousand visitor join this festival every year. The night festival is held at December 3.
For visitors.
Giving name for new born baby, birthday festival, and child festival.
Ridding one of bad luck, and other wishes.
New Year worship.
Amulet, Security Blanket, and Charm.
Chichibu Shrine
url: http://www.chichibu-
Office Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Address: 1-3 Banbacho, Chichibu, Saitama 368-0041
Phone: 0494-22-0262