Bettara Ichi Festival

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Bettara Ichi (べったら市) is the food festival with Ebisu Shrine at Nihonbashi, Tokyo. It started in the middle of Edo period. The main attraction of this festival is Bettara which is pickled japanese radish. This festival holds every October 19th and 20th. There are over 300 food stands which sell Bettara, japanese spice, and other typical foods of festival.

Tourist Info.
You can try Bettara for free, and if you like it you can buy it. No restroom. No Cars allowed during the festival

0. at Tokyo Station
1. use JR Keiyo Line to Shin-Nihonbashi (4 min.)
2. walk east (3 min.)

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Bettara Ichi Festival

Bettara Ichi Market was started in the middle of Edo period for selling the religious items of Ebisu God. However, they sell also Bettara at the festival. Now days, Bettara become the main attraction of this festival. There are about 300 to 400 food stands. You can buy bettara very reasonable price in this festival, so many people visit this festival to buy delicious Bettara.

The festival holds every October 19th and 20th. You can visit Ebisu Shrine for your business luck and eat delicious Bettara.